Supper Club : Dan Sturdevant & Millie Edwards

Supper Club : Dan Sturdevant & Millie Edwards

September 20, 2018 7:00 pm

Enjoy dinner and the wonderful sounds of
Dan Sturdevant and Millie Edwards!
3 Courses $45+tax & gratuity | 7:00 p.m.

Dan is a singer-pianist who is described by music partners and audiences as“velvet-voiced,” “charming,” “a splendid pianist and accompanist” with a “fine combination of performance skills.” Dan enjoys live performance, adapting to each audience.

F i r s t
(choose one)
LOBSTER BISQUE crème fraiche, tarragon oil

ARUGULA SALAD roasted apple, cheddar frico,
roasted carrots, maple vinaigrette

FRIED OKRA smoked chili aioli, parmesan

S e c o n d
(choose one)
EGGPLANT PARMESAN zucchini, charred tomato sauce, sheep’s milk cheese

RAINBOW TROUT potato, pickled green tomato, peach jam, garlic chive

BRAISED BEEF TAGLIATELLE mushroom, preserved lemon, arugula, basil, grana padano

CURED CHICKEN THIGH basmati, blistered peppers, tomato, cilantro

F i n a l
(choose one)
BANANA SPLIT rosemary caramel, pecan powder, juniper

CHOCOLATE SEMIFREDO hazelnut gelato, marshmallow, biscotti crumble

RESERVATIONS @ 816-800-8821

(++ additional tax & gratuity)